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Driving through harlesden saw a sign attached to lamp post:

Lost your p60 or pay slips? need proof of income? Contact us we can provide them for you  :blink:  :blink:


No need for people to self cert, they can just get pay slips saying they earn 150k a year  :o

I saw one stuck to a sign in London the other day too:


Scary eh!

I also know a junior estate agent who earns a low wage telling me how the resident mortgage advisor at his place "sorted" his paperwork to say he earnt £40k a year in order to buy a flat at 3.5x on an IO mortgage... (is this self cert?!) :ph34r: - he said that the mortgage advisor "does it all the time" and "not to worry about it, everyone does it" - wtf!!! The flat he is buying is intended as a BTL too, he reckons it's risk free (his Dad is lending him the deposit) - I asked if he'd catered for void periods, maintenance, risk of prices dropping etc etc - he hasn't even thought about them it seems, just seems to think that because he *assumes* he can cover the repayments with a tenant and all is well... :o

The flat is in need of "modernising" too apparently, I don't think he's catered for this either, assumes he can plough in with a paintbrush to tart it up...

It's going to end in tears, which is a shame because I like the guy, he just won't listen to sane reasoning.

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