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Free Land, Anyone :-)

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What a scam.

In fact the scammers are now scamming each other! I got this url because I'm being spammed by

Leo Summers


who sent out an email revealing the 'secret page' on property grab, and no need to dial the 0898 number and (presumably) pay a fortune! And I quote:-

"I recently came across www.land-property-grab.com, which claims to have

a ‘database’ of abandoned properties. They proudly say they have

received an award “for business concept and innovation in tracking down

unclaimed land and property”.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? An ideal resource for finding, and then

claiming, abandoned and ownerless properties?

Sadly, the reality falls some way short of the claims. In fact, I

believe this site to be a nasty little scam.

They don't have a database of abandoned properties. They do not track

down unclaimed land and property, despite saying they do. And the

award? It can be traced to a site that is currently up for sale!

The entire scam is designed to get you to ring a 0906 number, pay £7.50

for a 5-minute call that rambles on, and finally tells you the way into

their ‘secret’ site (which, by the way, is by clicking on the visitor

counter at the bottom right of their home page, in case you’re

curious). This leads to a single page, with nothing more than a how-to

set of instructions, a few downloadable Land Registry forms, and a list

of Land Registry offices.

Save your money (I spent on your behalf ) – everything you need is

right here!"

You really couldnt make this stuff up!

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Truly astonishing. It even prompted me to make my first post after months of lurking. This is worse than one of those emails sent by the "brother of the deposed Nigerian President of Scams".

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like squatters, if they can claim they stayer there for 12 years they can have it free. Problem is proving it to the courts?

If you've got the patience to sit on a piece of land for 12 years without permission and nobody claims it, then proving it shouldn't be too much of a problem!

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my mum sent me that link a few days ago asking what I thought. "dodgy" I said. At best they are just another land search company, and there are more reputable ones around, cheaper than that phone call...at worst, and more likely, just a damn con.

edit... isn't squatters rights now 10 years, after the 2002 land registration changes?

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Talk about scams, I got this spoof email which scraped a new low, pretending to be from ebay as usual & attempting to prey on my sympathy for a disabled pensioner to get me to press the 'respond' button & nick my password. Unusually the item aution no. appeared valid & current :angry:

These things have got so common I guess it is why Ebay have introduced a new ebay message system. Why it does not include paypal emails which ebay own, i really don't understand.

'Question from gretta1020


I recently placed a bid on item#................ being a wheelchair for me that i really need do to my age(87 years old) and it seems that i can not find the auction anymore...May i please know if you are the seller of the item above?



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