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Grim Reaper Visits Property Guru

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If you are in any doubt about whether or not to buy just read the Grim Reapers excellent posting on this thread...


PG, crashed in flame by G. Reaper.

With the economic explanation of Dr B, G.Reaper did add very important points which I had in mind but could not express.

Group psychology is indeed extremely important and yes they are not dependent on the economic status. I call what he has described the sheep effect (one sheep panic, run, and fall from the top of the mountain.... all the others follow without thinking...)

Now, the rate of change is reflected in the LR data, a switch from double digit growth to close to flat represent a crash taking momentum. Continuing like that and we will be easily at -10% in a year.

So, yes I think the collapse is going to be dramatic, worldwide housing bubble inflated by worldwide credit bubble, and now a rising oil price, ohhhh what a big one ahead...

Actually I am even scared now, what about quality of life, and jobs of 1000's of people? Even price down, will there be people to buy?

How bad can it turn, Doc B, how long? How long would it take to recover according to you?


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