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Bbc Price Changes

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Does anyone know how the BBC work out the change in house prices on their site here?

I've compared the figures they give to the historical land registry figures for several places and they all seem to be wrong. Many of us have been using them and I don't think they are accurate.

I know that the website is using the interim figures for Q1 2005 so they're going to be inaccurate (they don't have the updated figures for late returns) but even using their figures they seem to be wrong. For example take Slough:

Their Q1 2005 price is £182,513.

From the land registry site here the Q4 2004 price is £184,942. That seems to be a drop of £2429 or 1.3% but the drop that they give is only 0.9%.

Similarly the Q1 2004 land reg price is £163,786 so that's a rise of 18,727 or 11.4% but they have a rise of 9.4%.

I'm not suggesting a conspiracy as some are lower and some are higher, but it is a bit odd. Everything I have tried has been wrong. They might be using some kind of rolling average or they might be comparing against old interim figures (in which case the numbers are meaningless).

Anyone know why? They'll be doing the new ones soon and they may well be wrong too.

(PS have emailed them so will see if they explain...)

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