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Amusing Complaints

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Lots of complaints about Foxtons....

We would have been utterly astonished by their cowboy behaviour, were it not for the fact we'd already spent a year suffering their complete contempt for their managed tenants. They took all our money because they knew they could, and it left us penniless as we tried to find somewhere else.

Every time I see one of those f**king minis now I want to ram it.

What a bunch of pr!cks. Having found a place to live with another agency (KFH) and paid a deposit, Foxtons approached the landlord and told him he can get more money. Sunsequently, the landlord has decided to allow them to try get rid of the place for more money and left us with no where to live in 2 weeks. This is not business, dirty underhand kn0bs. Hope they all crash in their stupid mini's.
These guys are incompetent tossers with a confused idea of how important they are. Its as if they are trained to annoy their customers. Once they have your money (extortionate amounts too) they completely forget about you. It took the useless tw*ts 3 months to change a broken radiator in the middle of winter. As for getting your deposit back - Good luck! They will try and squeeze every last penny out of you.

And who do estate agents think they are anyway? The majority are just public school failures who came away from uni with crap degrees, but a real trendy haircut and an ability to lie through their teeth. I can actually feel my blood boil when i see their crappy minis on the roads - probably taking their next unsuspecting victim to a "spacious" one bed in Clapham for the handsome price of £260 per week, not to forget the £300 admin fee which they will simply pocket.

Verdict = w****rs.

and this from an ex-employee....

I used to work for this company and everything you guys are saying is true. Apart from ripping off their customers and pocketing the excess they have massive insentives for their overworked negotiators and sales people. This is why their clients are treated so badly. Every employee works on a target basis...these targets rise evey quarter. So the more clients you rip off as a negotiator the more money you get. The more deals you push thru the nicer your car and bigger your pay packet. BUT when you get phoned up by FOXTONS head office and asked if you want mortgage advice etc its a bit different. Everyone of those annoying sales people are on a leader board system fighting for a top spot every month. The higher up the ladder you are the more money you earn. Amazing business sense.....bad customer relations...but producing excellent results for an ever expanding company. Some advice is always speak to the manager of the office if you are in trouble....OR go down there and wait for them at their desk. Be persistant and use someone else next time.


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Foxtons got in trouble 2001-? for taking down 500 signs a week from other EA's and 35-40% of their own sale signs that didn't actually relate to any existing property.


Each faxed order form bears a transmission line that identifies clearly the

Foxtons office where it was filled out, with the date and time of day on which it was sent

A form from the Chiswick office on November 27, 1997, referring to a Foxtons rival,

Faron Sutaria, says of a property at 53 Homefield Road, W4: “Remove our board &

Faron’s board, please put their board around the corner.” The job was completed the

next day.

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