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The Burqa - Islamic Clothing For Women In Public

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Two different items of traditional Muslim women's clothing are known as a burqa, (also spelled as burka or burqua).

One is a kind of veil which is tied on the head, over a headscarf, and covers the face except for a slit at the eyes for the woman to see through.

The other, which is also called a full burqa or an Afghan burqa and occasionally called a chador, is a garment which covers the entire body and face. The eyes are covered with a 'net curtain' allowing the woman to see but preventing other people from seeing her eyes.

Both kinds of burqa are used by some Muslim women (as an interpretation of the hijab dress code) and the full burqa was compulsory under Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

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Funniest thing I heard of was an al-quada operative disguised in a burqa in the Tribal area of Pakistan being pursued by Pakistani Security forces. He pulled out a gun and starts shooting at what he believes to be a security agent when 7 Security agents ALSO in Burqas return fire. :ph34r:

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