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First, stop paying your council tax and your TV licence, just do it now, no one else pays anyway, second, stop eating crisps and being a fat Bas*trd, and whatever you do, don`t watch X-Fartor. Third, stop using credit to fund your life, just pay off or default and switch to cash,lastly if Gordo doesn`t F*uck off take to the streets and demand a recount.

Gordon or no gordon it really doesn't matter, a tory party is going to make things a lot worse. Cutting jobs and raising taxes will bring this country to its knees and the plain simply fact is the Cameron doesn't want to upset all his bankers mates that are bank rolling his way to number 10. It really isn't our job to pay for the mess made by banks who made 50 trillion pounds buying and selling debt which had no physical worth. The banks know that if you con the globe of trillions of pounds then eventually this money will have to be repaid but unfortunately for us the tax payer foots the bill.

Capitalism is flawed if it has to be propped up by the tax payer. I see no reason why people should have to put up with being told that we have accept cuts and tax rises. All bonuses must be taxed at 99% and all profits from these banks must go directly to UKPLC. Any broker deciding to leave the UK should be stripped of 99% of their assets arrested and banged up until this mess is over. Banks deciding to move their HQs should be disolved and all assets seized. This should continue until the total sum of the bank bailout and QE programme has been repaid plus 19% interest. They have committed a crime and should be punished like any other criminal and consider themselves lucky that they all haven't been locked up and consider that in China they would be hanging at the end of a rope.

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Who ever gets in taxes are going up it's what you call MP's wages and with the 3 parties in bed togeather then all they wana talk about is stuff we can not count like health, education but please no more police they are screwing up more then they help and are little better then HMS tax enforcment department with knuckle dusters and CS-Spray.

They have you fooled that your only option is to vote for one three pile of $hit put on the menu whilst all saying the grass over the fence is toxic and will kill you well i say lets try it because i can not take much more of their $hit thankyou.

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You can see how the anger generated by an economic crisis can quickly morph into a totalitarian state with public opinion becoming the court of law.

Unfortunately even I agree with the bit in bold. And if I do, well there probably are no boundaries as to what the public would do.

The bold bit is wrong though, in that the act of bailing out by the tax payer means we are not capitalist. More like socialism.

Capitalists would let the bad banks fail and for the redistribution of their assets and clients to the strong survivors. The tories in the 1990s were more capitalist than labour, they let BCCI die.

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