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Gordon Brown's Rent Cheque Allegedly Bounced In The 70S


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He claims to be the man who can lead Britain out of the current financial crisis.

But it appears Gordon Brown has at times even had trouble keeping track of his own bank account.

Bill Paterson, a warden at Edinburgh University when Brown studied there, said the future prime minister was the only student whose rent cheque ever bounced...

that was not the right thing to do

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'When it bounced I took it up with Gordon immediately and I recall to this day his breathtaking excuse. "Oh dear," he told me. "I must have used the wrong chequebook".

'There were not a lot of students at the university who had even one chequebook, let alone two.'

Sounds like he was robbing perter to pay paul even back then...

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timm, apparently the cheque + docs are being auctioned on ebay !! got to admire their bravery, could be a nokia come flying through their window, or worse a laser printer. be funny if highest bidder is SAVED_THE_WORLD_a1 (-3)

I think you will find that they are terrorists and are being flown to some god forsaken hell hole for debriefing*.

* Inhuman torture and mental anquish.

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I wonder if he still has the same account number?

Note also that his rent appears to have been £3. Those were the days.

It was probably subsidised.

(Perhaps we could pass his account details to that nice man from Africa who needs to send six million dollars to a new friend in the west)?

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So as well as practising his counterfeiting techniques by bringing bags full of bricks to parties, pretending they contained drink, it seems that young Brown's schooldays also included more general financial mismanagement techniques.

Education! Eductaion! Educaton!


bricks to parties? where did you get that from? ,

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But, as Mr Paterson recalled, he wasn't keen on pulling his weight when it came to domestic chores.

'I remember moaning once that he never seemed to take his turn tidying the kitchens and putting the bins out.

'One of his fellow students replied, "Well, what do you expect, he's a Socialist".'


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