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Murdoch Being The Media Mouthpiece Of The Mic


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And I have to say I'm well suited with it, all in all including the dish install it was £325. And with a 320GB hard drive I'm recording all sorts of stuff, record two programs while watching another.

I record mostly films, but currently recording all Alan Bennett's series of Talking Heads for the wife. But having an interest in world politics, I'm especially impressed with the in depth reports that Aljazeera do in their People and Power, Empire, Witness, and the Arab Street series of programs.

This week among others:

Carbon Trading Cowboys in Papua New Guinea,

An interview with US General McChrystal commander of the ISAF in Afghanistan.

A report into the devastation of lives in Kaliningrad [originally the German city of Konigsberg] and now the Aids and Drugs capital of Russian.

A report into AFRICOM Americas Military Command Structure in Africa. A very interesting one that, democracy does not come into it. The US is supporting the fighting arms of political parties already in power. Of course that's what the US does best, supporting dictatorships, or quasi dictatorships, when theres a sniff of oil about.

And as a result of watching the Aljazeera report into AFRICOM , I googled this

China and the Congo Wars: AFRICOM. America's New Military Command

Quote the article from the above link:

"Curiously, US and most European media neglect to report that small detail. It seems AFRICOM is off to a strong start as the opposition to China in Africa. The litmus will be who President Obama selects as his Africa person and whether he tries to weaken Congo President Joseph Kabila in favor of backing Nkunda’s death squads, naturally in the name of ‘restoring democracy.’.

So as far as wanting to keep up to speed with world events I tend to watch both the Aljazeera and Euronews channels, comparing them to the UK news channels .....well its like there are two different worlds out there. Half the stuff that is going one in the world is not reported for home consumption in the UK.

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What the FOXSAT?

Yes that's the one, the dish installer used to work for Sky. And he was saying they the Humax Foxsat -HDR was far superior than the SKy offerings. He said everybody he had installed one for [he does not supply the receivers by the way] I jumped in with .....likes them....he replied ....loves them. I thought that's a bit over the top, and I said I'd read on a forum that some people said the remote was not easy to see the buttons in a darkened room......he just give me one of those....are you being serious looks....so I shut up. And you know what, I understand where he was coming from now.

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You stick a dish on your wall, point it at the Astra satellite and adjust the angle on the LNB. Then you plug the wire from the LNB into a decoder box and from that into the telly.

If you want sky you plug in a sky box with card, if you are happy with freesat stick in a freesat box. The Humax Foxsat is, in imho, an overpriced decoder box. The cheap £50-£60 Hi-Def ones from Argos do just as good a job, more if you want a built in recorder. Some people like sky because of all the pay-to-view channels like sport and movies. Yet even with freesat I have 5 or 6 movie channels, the usual terrestrial channels, plus lots of others. I have to do it this way because I am abroad and there is no broadcast signal. I get all the TV channels the licence payers pay for without having to pay a penny.

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