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What's Your Favourite Smell ?


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So when trying to sell your home you:

Put the coffee on.

Bake the bread.

Make a bacon sandwich.

Crush some herbs.

Light the fire.

Sold to first viewer. ;)

:D - me too surprised by how many people feel the need to repeat these.

Of course I concur. Not mentioned so far:

New wool carpets

New leather products

That's the downside of all the gorgeous new hi-tech stuff: ipods etc may look good, but for a product to have a soul, it probably needs a smell...

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Guest AuntJess

The smell of damp dust after a summer rainstorm.

Vanilla perfume (yes, it's cheap and tacky, but a girl in school used to wear it when I was at That Age).

A wood fire.

A freshly uncorked bottle of Jurancon.

A good many men like perfumes with vanilla in them - on women. It is said to have associations for being at the mother's breast - feeding.cool.gif

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Guest AuntJess

My favourite smell is broccoli farts. If you've had a really decent helping with your Sunday roast then the farts the next day could floor Mike Tyson. They're even better if you can get some brussel sprouts in there as well. Superb, as long as they're your own. Anybody else is likely to pass out.

Remind me never to go out for a meal with you!blink.gif

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