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Euros Account Without The Charges?

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who knows of a euros-denominated account that doesnt have high charges? co op charges 40 quid a year plus 6 a transfer, seems they all charge. so trans between euros + gbp ends up costing quite a lot.

The Citibank Euro deposit account doesn't have any charges. Halifax Spain is worth looking at if you want a current account. It does have charges, but they are a lot less than most other places.

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CIti is fine, and gives you a good range of currencies to choose from (JPY, CHF, AUD, HKD etc as well) , and transfers between your accounts are instant, anytime.

I don't think there is a retail bank account that doesnt charge at least 1-1.5% on the rate each time you transfer between currencies.

I'd agree that if holding a EUR balance is your goal, you need to shop around for the best rates from Caxton and other brokers, then transfer €s into whichever account you have. As a retail client, you wont get such tight rates with a "real" curency trade as you would on a spread-betting/CFD site

Would be delighted to be told i am wrong on the above.

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I recently discovered the Barclays Euro account, no fee's for paying in and taking out physical Euros, they also do a US Dollar version too but charge 2% for paying in or taking out physical money.

Does anyone know of an account in the UK where walking into a branch and depositing/withdrawing physical paper US Dollars can be done for free?

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I've gone for a Citibank Euro Current Account because it doesn't have the monthly account fees. I was going to use HiFX or Oanda to transfer money from a £ account to the € citi account.

I'm potentially moving to spain and will need to spend several weeks there at a time before the decision is made so this seemed like a good account for me.

My only slight concern is that I believe that I can only withdraw cash without charges from Citi ATMs when in the Eurozone, however if someone else has this account and can correct me I'd be delighted to know.

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