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the don

Housebuilding Activity In 2005

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i am involved with heavyside building materials sales.

bricks and roof tiles sales are at very low levels- in the case of bricks the lowest levels of sales ever recorded.

some of this has to do with mix( higher proportion of flats, whch use fewer bricks and tiles per unit than detached houses)

the reduction inactivity is most marked in south east developers , but the midlands is alo off and the north looks like it is about to come off.

however, marketing people from some large UK building materials companies seem confident of a pick up in new build activity next spring.

dont know if it is wishful thinking or whether they have some real intelligence to support it

the don

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wirecuts-£170/1000+ VAT delivered including merchants commission

stock bricks-£200/1000+ VAT

These are run of the mill products.

Hand mades, blues , yellows are more expensive

the don

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Insurance job perhaps????????????

Imagine the loss adjuster's conversation:

LA: I reckon each flat was worth 90K

Builder: No, they were worth 220 each, easy. Interest rates are falling, employment remains high blah blah blah. They would've been snapped up. Look, I'll take 210 and we'll leave it there eh?

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