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Naea Calls For A Rate Cut

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The usual blah, blah :angry:

NAEA Chief Executive, Peter Bolton King, comments: “It is probable that the upturn in consumer confidence in July is in response to forecasts that interest rates are likely to drop. If the MPC decides to maintain interest rates at their current levels, we may see a drop in confidence once again. This could have a detrimental impact on the housing market and overall economy.”

But the best bit is in the blurb :D

The National Association of Estate Agents is dedicated to the goal of professionalism within high street estate agency. Its aim is to reassure the general public that by appointing an NAEA member to represent them they will receive in return the highest level of integrity and service in both sales and lettings. Each NAEA member is bound by a vigorously enforced Code of Practice and adheres to professional Rules of Conduct. Failure to do so can result in heavy financial penalties and possible expulsion from the Association.

They left contact details, if anyone would like more information ;) .......


Phoenix plc:

Kirsty Marshall

T: 01372 370 850

M: 07776 301 358

E: naeapress@phoenixplc.com

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I just had to paste this bit :-

"Over Pricing – we all want the best price for our home, but if over priced the property will stay on the market for a long time and then we are back to our first point, “Looking desperate”. Your NAEA agent is the property professional and they will be able to give you objective advice on pricing and market conditions"

So that's why, in the present (falling) market, houses are selling so well...

because the "property professionals" have adapted and correctly

advised their clients about realistic prices....

That makes it all clear, then.

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An Estate Agent is not brought in to Value your worth.

They are sales people who advise you on the best price you can achieve in the current market.

10 Years ago a box of Jaffa Cakes cost an arm and a leg, today they are cheap as chips. They were never worth what we used to pay for them, but we paid it all the same it was the market conditions.

Ultimately if you think an Estate Agent is your best friend, or indeed anyone who is involved in charging you for a service then I'm afraid you are living in the dark ages.

Agents like us, must earn a living and they earn their living selling houses, inflated prices, or deflated prices the houses must sell for the price that people are prepared to pay. And agent is always the best person to tell you that because they work at it every day. Get several quotes if you are selling, and shop around if you are buying. Its plain common sense.

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