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Hpc Name Checked On The Exchanges

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Just in case anyone is interested ...

Interesting seeing the gamblers point of view when it comes to the housing market + a name check for HPC too !!

(By the way , I havent read this all the way through so apologies for any bad language - theres bound to be some !!)


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Brief Summary then for those unable to access.

Most (50%)people think stagnation at least.

the next largest group (40%)is prices dropping.

Small group (5%)think that its different this time.

small group (5%) Think they can make money on betfair.(More deluded than the 5% above IVHO)

The guy who provides link to HPC reckons that

"it provides fascinating reading"

He also reckons BTL will cause meltdown.

Quote from others on the forum who accessed HPC.

"H.P.C is hardly an impartial view though."

"Some good points, but a little too over-the-top for my liking..."

Still , if gamblers arent prepared to have a look at the market, then thats got to be good news?

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Telling quote................. :ph34r:


8% is not excessive for long term IR

Lots of people really are screwed if IR need to go that way, its only not that far away from where we arenow

only needs a run on the pound or similar problem

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