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Uk Buys Into And Blamed Fot Spanish Desert

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Drought tightens its deadly grip in Europe, Reuters Alert service, 18th July

News 24 just covered the drought currently sweeping Europe that has seen locust return to France, Forest fires kill 11 in Spain and Portugal lose 1bn euros of crops (see above).

Interestingly much of the problem in spain is blamed on the pressure on infrastructure brought about by tourism, and UK immigrants. Golf courses, swimming pools and a need to spray water about to please tourists are now seen as unsustainable and sources believe that in 50 years 30% of th ecountry will be desert. This all adds up to one of two things: tax hikes to pay for massive infrastructure changes in the water supply, or Spains BTL crowd being the proud owners of holiday homes with little by way of holiday ammenities.

Scare mongering? The 24 article showed a dried up lake in Guadalharah. "50 years ago this area would be packed with tourists enjoying the lake."

Oh dear.

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Doomed...we're all doomed Captain Manwaring!


Don't panic!

And indeed, this may well prove to be the best advice. Global warning, if it really exists, has shown itself to be the bringer of more random weather rather than any particular type of weather. So selling in Spain because of a drought that stops you having a bath this year is probably a bad idea IF you think everybody else is worried. Next year you'll probably have flooding (okay, not eactly holiday weather, at least you can fill up the pool....).

Of course that was a big IF.

In th emeantime expect to be as popular as a fart in a space suit in rural areas of Spain where the drought is most obvious. In Murcia, Guadaljara (sp?), local printed banners and staged a march. The message: "The region of Murcia is not for sale!"

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...and latest is that hundreds of homes in Portugal are being burnt to the ground by forest fires. Can't find a news link yet, but here's this from BBC website:

The village I am on holidays (and where I come from) is under terrible circumstances. Fire is surrounding the whole population and hundreds of other people are here homeless from other areas under this terrible calamity. What the Spanish are doing is a strong message to the Portuguese and other southern European countries. A "no mess about with fire" rule is in my opinion, a good rule.

Pedro Mendes, Loriga, Portugal

Here in central Portugal the pollution from the thick smoke of fires 60 miles north of us is comparable to fog with about half a mile visibility all around. The sun has been changed to an eerie light, orange glow and the ash falling on us stings our eyes.

Jan Langford, Castelo Branco, Portugal

The recent forest fires here have been so bad that there was thick smoke hanging in the air and ash everywhere. Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to save water. But the council insists on putting the sprinklers on during the afternoon heat, just to water the grass. How can we save our country with leaders who set such an example?

Paula Ferreira, Braga, Portugal

less worryingly, but also holiday btl unfriendly:

Living without water on tap is possible with patience and common sense, as you quickly learn to recycle when you pay for the water. However, restaurants and supermarkets are raising the cost of bottled water astronomically. One Euro, 30c for the smallest bottle you can buy now on offer in an Albufeira cafe.

Pamela Francis, North Algarve, Portugal

Both at European droughts: Your experiences , BBC

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