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I Found The Spring Bounce!

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I've been plotting LR data for my local postcode, and there was a spring bounce!


If you plot the total amount spent on housing each month then you can see the peak amount of market activity (in £s being spent - Yes, some is cyclical) mid last year at over £14 million.

It then falls to just over £6 million a month in early 2005.

But it BOUNCES back to just over £8 million in spring before plummeting even further.

I am aware that not all of the data will be complete for May 05 (The graph has data up until may 05), but it isn't going to be changing too much.

And who cares?? If the average stays at £6 million or therabouts then that is down 57% on the peak of mid last year.

Volumes are also massively down (of course!). If the money isn't going into the market then nothing will sell..... sellers can hold out for a good price but I suspect they might be waiting a while.


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