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Stalled - As All The Eas Say

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Visited a few EAs this weekend, overall they described the market as "temporarily stalled"

Despite their obvious attempts at connetations of a "flat market about to pick up", "Stalled" after thinking about it is a great description!

As a keen airman, I know exactly what usually follows a stall for any aircraft.

First you appear to be going nowhere, floating in space, then suddenly, without warning, your stomach drops away and the aircraft plummets downwards in a desperate attempt to gain enough airspeed to stay aloft. Finally after falling several thosand feet from your "peak" at the stall, you gain enough airspeed to keep you aloft again at your new, far lower, level. It's a truly scary experience when you do it for the first time, and the bigger the airframe the farther you fall!

Methinks a few of these EAs should do a bit of research on exactly what follows an extended stall - perhaps they might then have a different view of the future of the market.

Just a happy thought for a Monday am.

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EAs just cannot tell the truth.

If they are not actually chosen for their inability to utter reality,

then it must be a matter of training or simple assimilation on-the-job.

The market is --





never, never, but never ... FALLING !

If they were real salesmen, the genuine article, they would cope

with a falling market, advise their clients properly and still make


Sadly, their inability to tell the truth has made the market what it is.

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