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Hey Guys We Now Have A President!


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Blair waits in the wings, for when the role requires more oomph.

Yes, put the non offensive von pumpy in place, while the people get used to the idea, infrastructures are put in place and so much time goes by that it is hard to reverse out of and then unleash Stalin 2.

We are ******ed.

Different cultures, different languages, people who don't really like each other, who's betting on a ussr style break up in a few years.

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President of the EU Council. Not president of Europe.

But hey, lets not let the facts get in the way of the moronic bigotry shall we?

I can't believe the idiocy.

Baroness Whoever - the new high representative


Even dictators hold sham elections


So who elected the House of Lords? Why not start there in your democritisation campaign?

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The BBC have a Have you say 'forum' about this, my response was:

I feel it would be a courtesy for the Prime Minister, to tell the British public the role these newly elected representatives have. And how the British public have elected them.

Somehow I doubt it will be published, or responded to.

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It's not about being able to vote someone into a position of power.

It's about being able to vote them out.

And we call this democracy? :blink:


I hope for protest votes and a hung parliament at the GE. Something needs to trigger a change to the way we elect individuals here, so we can stop people being "chosen" elsewhere.

Oh, they will say it is only an admin position to start with, but what will we end up with? It seems there are many in high places who are very trusting. I can just see it now - the president ends up making some statements on behalf of the EU and we all end up having to tow the line. They will keep trotting the stuff out about 'better to be in + influencing the EU, than out' and will just have to swallow it down.

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Actually I was struck by the weirdness of all this on the way to work this morning (I increasingly find myself arriving at home or work with no recollection of the journey)

We had to have a Belgian eh? Nobody would let say, a German or a Frenchie do it, and it was all sorted out over a nice meal somewhere. Better than at gunpoint I suppose, but does anyone else get the feeling this is all going to go horribly wrong?

I note the Mr Pumpy was placating everyone by saying he say himself as an administrator not a leader? Yeah, right mate, you met my pet Martian? He's called Cyril, and he eats strawberry laces.

And where the heck did the name topic go?

This forum is wierdness.

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This used to wind me up, then i thought about it:

1. I have long since realised that the UK is no longer a democracy, and possibly being ruled by Europe might just be better than by the [email protected] in Westminster.

2. If I was a politician, and I looked at the average reality-TV-watching, entitlement-hungry, brain dead chav that made up the vast majority of the electorate, I would think it was quite acceptable, possibly beneficial, to deny them a chance to affect the future of the nation or continent.

3. I'm emigrating to canada, so i don't give a [email protected] anymore.

+1...except the canada bit...jammy git

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Apparently the guy has just said he didn't 'seek' the job.

So we now have a President who wasn't even that bothered whether he got the job or not.

What exactly are we doing in Afganistan?

Why are our boys dying out there?

They should be in Brussels defending OUR democracy


It's the people who want to defend it, not the government. They are happy with this.

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