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I agree it is a futile exercise, but some of the reasoning processses were interesting.

It seems the spinners have been giving out mixed messages in their press releases.

A certain number of them are clamouring for an interest rate cut, whilst at the same time others are producing news (e.g. slight rise in prices, mortgage approvals up) designed to show that the housing and lending markets are in good health.

Even LloydsTSB report about increased bad debt was accompanied by a quote from one of their execs saying that they were 'comfortable with the levels'

Not surprsingly, a split decision

The real MPC decision will be very interesting :)


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Interesting, I would have thought that they would have voted for the easy option (lower rates) as it might look better.

Maybe the shadow commitee are freethinkers.

We will have to wait to see what the real commitee bow to.

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It will be interesting to find out:I hope they go for no change personally.

tricky scenario really for the MPC.do they risk lowering IR's now and stoking up inflation...leading to MUCH higher IR's in future.....or do they sit on their hands knowing that our consumption rate will slow....but longer term the need to raise IR's is less drastic.

HIGH IR'S are quite a bad thing for business,so it would make sense to take the long term view and sit on hands at present

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As the markets have already pre-empted a rate cut I suspect the MPC will oblige with an official 0.25% cut this month.

This is the month to do it in my view. Although the US are still raising they are still a long way off our 4.75%.

I suspect the MPC will drop rates and then sit on 4.5% to see what happens.

Expect it to happen would be my advice.

It won't be anywhere near enough to revive the dead duck housing market though so chill.

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