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Ayn Rand: The Boring Bitch Is Back

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Ayn Rand is a legend of our time, she understood what happens out there and the socialist tendencies of our apparantly free markets. Shame on you for supporting such a BS article, these people seem to be lamenting her for her position against socialism.

I think the writer of that post can be summed up in this sentence- "Rand often forgets the random factors in success", ********. As a businessman myself I can say success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration and knowing how to do business is mostly about learning how to market/ sell things and then the business side is just common sense.

This group of 'Rand haters' seem to dislike free enterprise probably because they are all career jockeys who could never be successful starting up their own company.

The only thing I will concede is that Atlas Shrugged can drone on at times with long speeches (well ok half the time even) but the message is powerful/ inspiring and the plot is interesting, as are the characters.

Skepticus, this post tells me more about your personality and political outlook than anything else. You clearly have a slant in favour of our current socialist system.

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