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Guest rigsby II

Build A New Life In The Country

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Guest rigsby II

Saw a programme last night called Build a New Life in The Country, fair play to the bloke who did this barn up in Wales.

BUT they were strapped for cash to do the barn up and some bloke said that they would like to buy a bit of their land.

Bloke thought he'd get £50,000, had it valued at between £95,000 and £110,000.

No takers at this price, because as the presenter said, the downturn in the property market meant no-one was buying - this was September 2004.

6 months later no takers, then someone offered £75,000 - it didn't say if it actually went to completion - but they were ready to snap his hand off

Moral of story - if an EA says somethings worth £X, fu*ck 'em, offer 'em £0.75X (or less)

You know it makes sense...


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