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Well folks, it's nearly august, and the politicians are about to leave westminster for two and a half months. What will the press do for news?

Enter the "silly season"...

The British public are very prone to what they read, especially in the tabloids.

Often in the summer lull, in desparation for something to print, the press come up with all sorts of things they wouldnt print at other times, irrespective of how believeable or credible the story might be. Could this be an opportunity for them to start saying what some parts of the public dont want to hear? House price crashes? Recession? Lost faith in our esteemed political and economic leaders? So far the media has only very lightly entertained the notion that the strong fortress that is UK PLC may have rotten foundations.

On the other hand, might this be an opportunity for the VIs to prop-up their position, with more promises of milk and honey for all (well all except those who cannot/will not take out 6x salary mortgages)? Indeed, will they take the opportunity to put up any credible counter arguements?

Recents domestic terrorism events are likely to overshadow the headlines for some weeks (or months) to be sure, but this could actually facilitate sneaking in difficult articles on House prices on page 9?

Or are the press just so full of fools that their heads are to remain sub-saharan until things are too late? In recent months some of the "quality dailies" have changed their tune to a more-bareish-then-previously one, what about the tabloids now?

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Guest Bart of Darkness
Excellent. I look forward to finding out what Jade Goody's been up to over the summer months.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's taken part in some sort of experimental head swap operation.

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