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The Lrad Sound Cannon At Pittsburgh G20 Protests

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More on the LRAD sound cannon at Pittsburgh G20 protests


Video of the awful thing: G20 - Confronted by LRAD Accoustic Weapons

People have a right to assemble and protest politicians, don't they? After all, we supposedly elect them freely...

I don't know what drives people to want to dress in black body armor and beat up on their fellow citizens, but its happening more and more. Danger Will Robinson!

FYI: LRAD - Discovery Channel "Future Weapons"

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That truck would burn like any other if you threw a molotov cocktail on it. Most things burn. Especially men in black.

When it gets to this stage, black uniforms wont save them.

Pfft, petrol bombs are a waste of time if a regeime wants to get serious on the subject of oppression. Tanks don't burn too easily. Thing is though that it's never going to get that serious in the US because there are too many firearms in civillian hands. You can't oppress an armed populous.

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Meh people will just bring ear defenders to demonstrations then.

My dad recalls a demonstration in Hong Kong in the 70s where the then Royal Police force used tear gas on the protestors/rioters , unlucky for the cops the people involved on the other side had bought along with them buckets and bags of water. When tear gas grenades were used to disperse the crowds the protestors would grab them and stick them in the buckets of water.

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