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Vadera Quits To Work For The New World Govt.

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Baroness Shriti Vadera has quit as Business Minister to work full-time for the G20 group of nations, Gordon Brown announced today.

Lady Vadera – one of the Prime Minister's closest advisers – will co-ordinate the handover from Britain to South Korea, next year’s president of the G20. She will work unpaid and will continue to have a desk in the Cabinet Office.

“I came to her and said ‘This is the job for you’,†said Mr Brown as he tried to scotch speculation she had deserted him on the eve of what is expected to be a difficult party conference for the Labour leader.

But Baroness Vadera is believed to have had discussions with a small number of investment banks about taking up a new job in the City.

Government sources told The Times that the Baroness approached Mr Brown recently to discuss her departure. She is believed to have told the Prime Minister that she wants to leave before a general election because she will have to serve a period of “purdah†before she is allowed to take up a position the private sector and wants to start that period as soon as possible.

It's getting quite farcical now.

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She's quitting but still has a place in the cabinet but will be unpaid?#

comment from order-order sums it up;

an unelected minister preparing the groundwork at the g20 for an unelected pm who’s being told what to do by an unelected uber-minister; pretty tragic really. I still don’t understand why there haven’t been riots and a physical ousting of the labour government; an unelected minister breaking the law that she created being backed by an unelected pm too; how much piss-taking does the british public need before we get rid of these bastards? They’re just laughing at us all and taking all our money. Why can’t we organise a march and get rid of these *****ers?
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Another one of Brown's long serving cronies does a runner...

...the only thing that confuses me is why any investment bank would want to hire her? :blink:

All her political contacts are going to be opposition for the next decade and she will be pretty loathed by the civil service...

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Something about rats and ships?

Not at all, she's laying some foundations for Gordon. She's seconded to the G20 till around May 2010, just when Gordon will be looking for a nice Great Leader Needed To Save The World G20 job

After destroying the UK, our crazed One Eyed Scottish [email protected] has far grander career plans - a nice new position as Leader Of The World no less

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