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Baroness Scotland Fined £5,000

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I'm upset by nearly everything Labour do, but is this really that big of a deal?

.... funny, slightly ironic, but big deal in the whole scheme of things?

In the overall scheme of things it probably is not a big deal but it is just another straw for the camels back.

Personally I think it makes her position untenable.

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There truly is no honour in Labour. Either that or there is no one left willing to work with the Prime Mentalist.

It's a bit of a non-story, isn't it? Quite fun if you hate labour, so that's 99% of the population amused, I suppose...

Seriously though, if you want to spin it, the most shameful thing, as usual, is Brown's attempt to duck the issue. Neither supporting nor sacking, just whistling and looking the other way...

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Shouldnt someone like this be made an example of and locked up ?

Shouldnt the people at the head of the companies that have been fined millions for stealling our tax money by colluding to bump up building contracts prices be locked up ?

If we dont make an example of these people then well, we might as well all do it.

Any illegal immigrants out there want a job as a house keeper ?

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Does this mean our Attorney General now has a criminal record?

Can an Attorney General keep their job with a criminal record?

Did she have to provide a DNA sample?

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One immigrant illegal employs another immigrant.

Solution? Lemme think, tricky one, wait a minute it's coming to me...

Oh, yes: kick 'em all out. :lol:


by the way i like your avatar. he predicted alot of what we call today terrorism.

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