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I recently read the above phrase on another posting and it's quite a good quote in my opinion.

I think I spend too much time on this site, but all of the headlines that pass through here demonstrate various industries becoming simply unviable due to the collapse of credit. To name a few - mortgages, print and TV media, entertainment, retail, public sector, quasi-public sector, IT. A review of HPC would show many more.

I can personally see my own industry and job being on borrowed time, and am in full on 'grab-it-whilst-you-can' mode. As an employee, that pretty much amounts to reducing expenditure and saving as much as possible. However, I wonder how many CEOs, politicians, financiers around the world have this level of insight and are now operating on a very short term basis with one eye on the exit? This might involve taking short term decisions to secure that final bonus that will clear the mortgage or turning the screws on the customer base to hit numbers this year (ahem, energy companies). A whole range of short term decisions that just end up making stuff worse as a whole for the economy.

A community of animals would probably act in the same way. The community would flourish whilst resources were high, then, when resources started to fall, the animals would hoard, before it all turned quite mercenary as the tap was turned off for good. Granted, we are generally more evolved as humans, but we have become pretty conditioned on that lovely flow of credit/HPI/QE money. So, are we now at the first phase of this breakdown - grab-it-whilst-you-can - in order to improve our own lot whilst nervously eyeing our competitors and the exit. If so, it's the first step down an undesirable end point.

Or did I just FAIL as an armchair anthropologist?

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For me, it's like a game of musical chairs but in this case 90% of people cannot conceive of the possibility that the music might stop and will be left milling around.

The recovereh propaganda is just to allow more time to slide the second buttock onto the chair.

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