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Bairstoweves: Beat The Stamp Duty Deadline....

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Good point.

Though at most you can save up to £500 on an over-priced asset thyat if it drops 1% in value you can loose £1750, if it drops 10% over the next year or so, make that £17, 500.

But, well, you can save up to 500 quid, go for it.

I really do think people are just generally stupid if they believe this rubbish.

My headline would read....

The count: Beat the stamp duty deadline...dont buy a house and save yourself a f**king fortune.


Beat the stamp duty deadline...offer 50% of asking price on a £350K house.

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I wouldn't be suprised if the stamp duty threshold for 0% is raised to 150k in the pre budget report in Oct/Nov to help FTBs. What does everybody else think?? ;)

I've posted on this topic on here already, but here, again, is what I reckon.

Stamp duty will go back to where it was. Reasons...

It will encourage some saps to plunge into the 125-175 market before the threshold goes back up. Effect: a bit more demand this autumn which will result in Land Registry reports of market stabilisation in late winter/ early spring. Ideal for next election. If they state in the Autumn budget that it is being extended, then what's the rush?

The government [any government at the moment] will want to start getting a bit more income. The odd £1500 from those houses and flats selling in the 125-175 range will come in handy in the new year.

Quite probably, this temporary tax reduction has made about as much difference as the VAT reduction. I.e. not really effected consumers' decisions, but led to a fall in government revenues. In retrospect, this was a measure designed to send signals, not to really give the fiscal boost needed.

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I had forgotten about the stamp duty "holiday" for modestly (in relative terms) priced houses.

There are four artifices supporting the market at the moment :

- The stamp duty "holiday".

- Low interest rates for some.

- The lack of supply brought about by capital renters (called owners in some misguided circles) in negative equity and the repossesion mitigation scheme imposed by our "government".

- The increase in demand from those who are losing faith in the preservation of the value of money in our ZIRP / QE world who do not understand that there are assets that enjoy better real returns than houses in high inflation environments.

I cannot see how all of these artifices can remain in place for very much longer .......

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