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Harman At It Again

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Now she wants to make life harder (ooh err missus) for law abiding businessmen who enjoy relaxing in front of a half naked lady writhing on a pole.

Perhaps her envy is that no man would ever pay to watch her strip off?


She's posturing more than the dancers. Moralising politicians are really loathsome creatures, why do they do it?

Is she suggesting that a female City trader couldn't make an expense claim for a trip to the Chippendales?

Next she'll be wanting a tax for peeing standing up.

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Moralising politicians are really loathsome creatures!

They are up to things, strange things, that even the Japanese don't have a word for, yet! :blink:

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Well, I was going to start by stating Harman is an idiot: but we know this anyway!

She should first check with HMRC before opening her insane mouth.

During a Control Visit an officer of Customs checking VAT accounts would query such spending: and if it was repeated more than once would probably disallow the offset.

And if was for directors, then it is disallowed anyway.


Offsetting expenses against the tax of entertaining corporate clients is also allowed

Oh no it isn't!

Don't know which morons they have writing this crap for the Mail..........

Notional Benefits ( Eating out, hotel accommodation and meals above a quite small value) are taxed for employees heavily: and incur NIC too.

Directors are treated as employees in this case.

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Guest KingCharles1st

Typical female Borg Collective thinking- "If its a MAN doing it, then it must be made illegal, but WOMEN can do what they want if they feel like it."

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