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Fat Cat' Council Chiefs Facing Cut In Salaries

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TOP earning staff in the public sector in South Yorkshire would see their pay slashed by 25 per cent under radical proposals unveiled by the Liberal Democrats.

Lib Dem leader and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg said the total pay bill for local authority and NHS staff earning more than £100,000 should be reduced by a quarter as part of a major programme of spending cuts.

Recent research by the Taxpayers' Alliance revealed six staff at Sheffield Council were paid salaries of more than £100,000 in 2007/08.

The top earning official was the then chief executive Sir Bob Kerslake, who was paid £177,035.

Sir Bob has since left the council to head the powerful Homes and Communities Agency.

There were nine staff at Doncaster Council earning more than £100,000, six at Rotherham, and eight at Barnsley Council, according to the pressure group's research.

Mr Clegg was speaking to regional journalists in Westminster as he prepares for the start of the Lib Dem annual conference this weekend.

He said: "One of the things that has gone wrong over the last decade or so is we have allowed excessively high salaries to let rip in the public and the private sectors in this country.

"We have to hard-wire fairness into everything we do in the public and private sector."

He said he wanted to target the top earners rather than a "slash and burn" policy which would affect all public sector workers.

"What I have discovered, speaking to my constituents in south west Sheffield who work in education and health, is they have said the years of plenty are over.

"They have said there is now going to be greater restraint, in terms of the pay settlements they are going to receive, and some of the future pension privileges which they enjoy," he added.

The proposal was included in a Lib Dem dossier which warned no areas should be immune from spending cuts – including health, education and defence.

The pamphlet identifies nine areas of potential savings, including zero overall growth for public sector pay worth £2.4 billion a year, higher employee pension contributions and later retirement ages.

It also calls for local authorities to be handed the power to raise and spend business rates – a move likely to be fiercely opposed by the business community.

Mr Clegg said: "I want my city of Sheffield to have the ability to raise and spend money according to its own local needs, accountable to Sheffielders, to not wait like supplicants for some handout from Whitehall.

"And if that means varied business rates, well then you get competition. If the business rates go too high in Sheffield then you chase away business and that's bad for Sheffield.

"If you look at America it's the standard way in which states and cities compete with each other."

Sheffield would be screwed, I'm sure I've read that the City owes the govt £1bn in loans taken to "improve the City" to service that amount we will need huge increases in business rates.

If I have my digits correct I think that's around £2000 per person owes the govt, if Sheffield has a population of around 500000.

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Libs get it right again.

On paper. In reality they will do something totally different. Cambridge being a recent example where they replaced one useless CEO with an internal candidate on £120K a year.

Lib Dems in my experience make labour and the Tories look good :ph34r:

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