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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Bus Ticket?

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. . . or moreover, how much are train tickets now?

£11 for a weekly ticket from the highway robbers at stagecunt in manchester. On my occassional trips, it costs me £1.50 to travel just over a mile into the city centre. When its raining or we're short of time, its cheaper to drive in and pay city centre parking for a few hours than my wife and I get the bus such a short distance :rolleyes: ******ing bandits

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Generally more per mile than it costs to fly on a reclining chairbed, Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic,* with leggy, pouty, pneumatic and spankingly dressed bimbo/himbos pampering to your every whim.

Compare and contrast with you daily experience on the 8.13 of your nose in someone elses sweaty armpit, some ***** playing 'music' on their phone at 180 dB and 17 assorted but unidentified items sticking into your delicate bits.

Why is this?

*Other slightly less sexually frustrating options are available.

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I have given up with public transport, I live 11 miles from where I work but to get there by train costs me £175 a month. If I drive it costs around £20 in petrol and that's with a Land Rover which while is in no way essentially is needed at the weekends for my hobby.

What with bank holidays, days off and other holidays it works out that I actually drive for less than 4 weeks a month so therefore the petrol costs are around £80 a month. Of course you need to add in the cost of running a car but I'm doing that whether I'm using the train or not. I'm fortunate enough that I don't work in central London as I can park close to work, having said that when I used to work in Central London I could just get a train only ticket which would save me £60 or so.

£175 is the price of a Zone 1-5 travel card, I need one of those because I live in Hayes, Kent. I have to go in to Waterloo East, change trains, go from Waterloo to Clapham Junction, then change again to get to Wandsworth common. Take about an hour and 15 minutes. Driving takes around 45 minutes to an hour, less in the school holidays.

On occasion I have to get the train in and it costs £11 odd. Rather than being priced off the road, I have been priced off the train. I don't live out in the middle of no where, well within the M25 and within the standard travel zones.

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