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'blow Off' Top For Equity Markets

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I confess to reading with bemusement the semi-regular posts here about the FTSE, etc. Will it do this or that on Monday? Will it reach X zillion by friday? I always get the feel that many of those are closet day-traders with a (understandably) nervous bent aboput whether they are about to get wiped out in their latest speculative punt.

That said, I do believe the occassional post re: the markets is justified - given the title of this forum.

So, breaking the self promise I once made (about never to post regarding equity markets)..........

Following my semi-regular end of week catch up of the markets via the financial pages, I am coming to the view that unlike earlier recent posts (and too premature in my opinion) the 'movement', gains, etc made since March, etc - are now starting to look very much like the (seemingly obligatory in modern equity markets!) 'melt up' phase - when things move vertically up in short space of time. Markets just dont seem to meander their way to a top any more do they? Compared to looking at historical charts.

Perhaps, much longer term, it will go 'Weimar' like? Who knows. But here and now???

I personally have NO direct exosure to UK equities at all (not even pension fund!). My reason for asking?

Was mulling over what to answer my brother, seeking opinion as to whether to wait a wee bit longer before putting some into Uk equities as part of my nephews child trust fund investments.

I'll confess that this is one of those times I personally have been much more uncertain than I usually am. Perhaps the desire to do best for my baby nephew is clouding my judgment and making me unusually indecisive? Hmmmmmm.

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It's manipulated and it's QE money.

Manipulated? Indirectly is my thoughts.

QE money? Sure. BUT they have announced they will stop at the amount previously announced.

I personally believe we will see QE again in the not too distant future. A case of them having 'crossed the rubicon', 'tasted the forbidden fruit' and all that jazz. It will be too easy next time - invoking some even greater emergency than there is now, to resort to it. Any apprehension that existed by TPTB this time round just wont be there at all next time.

Question is... given QE will (supoosedly end soon) one would expect that to be reflected in the markets (to the extent that QE is contributing to the markets action at the moment) OR......more frighteningly, the markets think QE (or measures to that effect) will continue for much longer????

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