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states from 375k

(that would be a 30sqm studio?)

some more pics here http://londonist.com/2009/02/in_photos_sec...the_barbica.php

anyway, my point.. adverts saying that the apartments will go on sale 23rd september. i've never been keen on the architecture, and the location seems great, but there are some big council estates a few 100m to the north. W shaped recovery anyone?

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There's always been council estates cheek by jowl with the Barbican - the Golden Lane estate is very popular with private buyers and the one just across the LA border in Islington is fine, if less popular. In inner London generally, you're never going to be far away from an estate. Having said that, £375k is a lot for a studio anywhere other than prime Kensington or Westminster in this market, and probably for a good few years to come.

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whojamaflip – I've lived in the area for the past 8 years. Housing Association very close to the Waitrose on Whitecross Street. I have friends who rent flats in the Barbican. It's a pretty amazing place to live and certainly not soulless and not difficult to find your way around. The area is good because it located so close to so much. Shoreditch 10 minutes to the East, St Pauls, the Thames, Tate Modern 10 minutes to the South, Islington/Upper Street 10 minute bus ride to the North and central London TCR/Oxford Street/Covent Garden a 10 minute cycle ride to the West. There are no Council Estates 100 metres to the North of this development. Maybe your refering to where I live? It only gets a bit dodgy the North side of Old Street. This is a safe area, nothing to worry about. I don't know this development but might have a look next week - although it's not my cup of tea at all. It looks like you will get a 377 square foot for £375,000. that is fine for a single person – but this is small, trust me, my flat is 360 square feet.

RealtyFisch – I wouldn't consider the Golden Lane Estate Council, I believe most is privately owned now and it's Corporation of London - different league really.

I've enjoyed living in this area but I've decided it's time to move on. I'm priced out from buying anything I would want to live in around here. It's silly billy money. I certainly wouldn't want to spend £375,00 on a studio flat when I could buy a 2 bedroom house for £300,000 in Peckham!

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