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Quite Quiet On Here At The Moment

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Maybe it's because the bears have gone off to lick their wounds.

or they stood back whilst the bulls stampeded off a cliff...

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There is naff all of much interest to read on here lately. Looks like we're all scr3wed, so what is there to say.

A man wakes up early and takes all the gold he has left and heads for the hills. When he is there he throws his gold all around for all to see. He then runs into town with the only piece of gold he has left shouting "Theres gold in those hills" and shows the richest people. The townsfolk run for the hills and find the gold. While they are digging the man drinks a cup of coffee and proceeds to rob the bank for 10000 x the amount of gold he started with, before driving off in Mercedes very rich.

The townsfolk find the gold and run into town and tell everyone else "theres gold in those hills". A stampede ensues whereby the entire town heads for the hills but finds nothing.

In the confusion nobody realises the banks been robbed and the man had gotton away scott free.

(Were all digging in the hills - that where we are right now)

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No I've noticed this the last two or three months or so, I was going to post a similiar thread 'tother day. There used to be a post every minute it seemed on here and there was once a late shift and a super late shift.

I don't know what it means. I think it might be important though.

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A bit of anticlimax I think- the crash has been put on hold till gordon blows our wad.

I wouldn't buy anything where most of the population works in the public sector: if the Tories get in, there's going to be a bloodbath... particularly in Labour strongholds. I think Newcastle for instance is in for a bad five years.

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BTW I'd dispute how off topic this thread is.

I've never seen a thread moved so quickly.

Edited to add:

Tell you what, I'll add some random NuLiarBore slagging off next time to keep the thread on the main board:


Or maybe something about light bulbs.

I've seen this phenomenon once before and the topic was eerily similar to this one. I think it got dumped quick sharp into the never-read forum "about housepricecrash".

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Summers already over.

The bears will be back.

The days will shorten and the temperature will drop.

The flu will return.

The QE and the borrowing has to be paid for, one way or the other.

Mortgage rates will rise.

Unemployment will continue rising.

House prices will resume their fall.

Browns debt economics will see him labelled the worst chancellor and PM ever, his place in history is already waiting.

Meanwhile, this is the off-topic forum, we like threads about ladyboys and the like on here.

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