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Flintshire Council Bans Spotted Dick

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Like Victorian prudes draping a cloth over a well-turned table leg, killjoy canteen chiefs at Flintshire council have banned Spotted Dick.

These Welsh puritans have ordered the name of the popular pudding changed to Spotted Richard. If they knew anything about cockney rhyming slang, they'd have given that a miss, too.

Spotted Richard sounds even less appetising than Spotted Dick. (Richard the Third, madam. Something you wouldn't want to step on.) Where does this leave ****-a-leekie, let alone coq au vin?

And woe betide anyone who asks for a knob of butter or meat and two veg.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-...l#ixzz0Qp7XVVT4


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Guest AuntJess
coq au vin is to be renamed 'Chicken in a Transit'


It is all a bit much tho', innit?

I was once pulled up for saying that I felt knackered, by some young PC whippersnapper. I just HAD to point out that the word 'knackered' originates from the "knacker's yard". a place where poor old gee-gees went when they were all done up. :(

Everyone is SO au fait with rude/coarse terminology, that the assumption is always of the worst. S'funny, in all else PC types assume the best - of things they ought to think the worst of. :blink:

Yup. It's 'topsy-turvy' Britain alright. <_<

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