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So the miners,steelworkers,car-workers, all the essential trades will be getting a pay rise? or will the work be offshored and the energy bought in? or will the steadfast unions negotiate big pay rises for all the workers we really need?

Has sterling gone down by 20% plus? Why would you offshore when the beans you are paid in are not the same beans they were 12 months ago?

So the answer to your question is yes, so long as the business makes products there is actually a market for.

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Seriously, I have no idea what you are trying to prove.

1. I sold my house. Guess what? There was no mortgage on it. You questioned it, I sent you a link to prove it, you questioned again, I then sent you a pic of my wife in that house.

2. After selling the house I went into rented. As it happens the details of the house remained on rightmove for some time, as EAs tend to do so I referred to them many times. As an aside, I moved into rented well before the sale on my house finalised.

3. I also happen to won more than one car, again, so what? Can I buy another car when owning one?

Why I'm explaining myself to you I have no idea.

Oh, Ohhh...I don't imagine you wanted all your flickr pictures available for all at HPC to see from the link you sent??

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"Unemployment did rise in the 1970s, but, it was much lower than the unemployment experienced during the 1980s."

He said we had full in employment in the 70's I was merely pointing out he was incorrect and that actually we had RISING unemployment in the 70's. The 80's were irrelavant in this regard, although perhaps you could tell us what happened to wages in the 80's now you have highlighted that unemployment was even higher in the 80's?

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No, he's right. The time is right. The way things are going you are going to be lucky to buy a can of beans with 600K in a year. That HYPERINFLATION. The interest payments should be a British New Penny out of his pay packet. Dear me. If only the current mob had learned from the mistakes of the Weimark Republic (and our mate Bob Mugabe)

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For the avoidance of doubt anyone thinking that this guy had a loophole or avoidance scheme to avoid stamp duty....he is talking a load of sh*ite...

The only way round s75 of the Finance Act is evasion which is illegal...solicitors are now as culpable as their clients so this guy is talking rubbish.

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