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Halifax - House Prices Up 3.2% In August!

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Yeah I know - the reality is a bad joke.

Where are the Halifax figures anyway, were they not meant to be out today?

I can't see anything on the Forex calendar for today, so maybe they aren't expected.

Perhaps they recorded a fall last month than the analysts have been sent for re-education :ph34r:

Edit - Forex shows them due 7th - 11th

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Oh it's a bit flucking late now, I've only just gone and hanged myself!

And my dog!

(Just joking about the dog, obviously)

same here - i'm posting from beyond the pale... just to say that they were originally scheduled for today, but as they do every month it seems, they get pushed back for some mysterious reason.

maybe i'll find out soon... now what's that light? should i move towards it..?

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I have to confess, I wouldn't have been too surprised by this either. Depressed, but not surprised.

The level of transactions is so low, the data so skewed by £1m+ properties in London from foreign cash buyers riding the devalued GBP that a 3.2% rise is depressingly possible.

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They have moved it to Sep 4-11 (from Sep 3-4). In the worst case, only after a week. Are they getting some funny numbers in this illiquid market and need some time to fine tune them?

It is always preferable to release figures during MPC week. LArge increases to be announced after meeting, large decreases to be announced before.

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