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This centaury.

Someone will invent AI and then……. Unknown. It cold be great or shit.

Think of a trillion AI scientists working around the clock to solve and come up with new technology and theories. It could make our scientific progress explode.

Steam cells or other will allow tissue regeneration or possibly even near immortality. Not sure about the immortality bit will be given to all due to population reasons. Perhaps hidden or given to a select few.

Self drive cars will revolutionise all transportation. Short haul flight will be dead (anything sub say 500 miles). Medium haul flights of 500-1000 miles will have strong competition from self drive cars. 1000-2000 miles will have some competition from self drive cars. 2000+ will be flights.

Energy will not be a problem as scientist make conventional nuclear very cheap which will last thousands of years.

We will still be burning and using fossil fuels but probably not at this rate in 100 yrs

The global population will not pass 10B (out of choice not that the world couldn’t handle it)

We see the first super city (50million in an area about the size of greater London!!)

We will migrate to more socialism with a world of ever more excess.

There will be no major wars between two powerful nations. (stuff like the Falkland excluded which is more a conflict than a war).


Both will grow strongly for the next 10 years and moderately for the 10 after.

China will probably overtake the USA in most things but perhaps not funny money GDP figures. China today uses just over 2000 million tonnes of oil equivalent and the US just under 2300 million tonnes of oil equivalent. By 2010 china will be using more energy than the USA!! The next two biggest, Russia by comparison uses 685 and japan 510.

By 2050 as the worlds largest economy assuming it doesn’t screw up.


Will not grow in might or power unless it increases its population. This would only be possible via immigration. The only people willing to immigrate might be 50 million Europeans and 50 million south Americans. No one else will be permitted bar perhaps 50 million Africans. But that will not be enough. America needs to grow past 500m to keep its dominant position.

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