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Council Workers Paid Expenses For Using The Lift - For 20 Years!

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Council workers are being paid an extra two days' salary a year in travel expenses - for standing in a lift. Staff at Rochdale Council's Municipal Office dished out thousands each year for claims of up to five minutes for employees travelling each day from the entrance of the building - known as the black box - to their desks.

So, during a standard 36-hour week, staff are allotted 25 minutes lift time, meaning they only have to spend 35 hours and 35 minutes working. Over the course of a year this adds up to almost 20 hours - well over two working days - when they are effectively being paid for using the lift.

Staff at Rochdale Council Municipal Offices, known as the 'black box' receive between two and five minutes in expenses payments each day for travelling from the entrance of the building to their desks

The system was introduced more than 20 years ago when staff complained of waits of up to 10 minutes to catch a lift.

They claimed they were being unfairly penalised after walking through the front doors on time but clocking in on their own floors late. Since then the lifts have been updated and the waits are a thing of the past, but the system has remained the same. But now town hall chiefs are currently carrying out a pay review, which includes plans to abolish the allowance.

Some officials believe the allowance is now irrelevant.

Around 800 staff work at the building in the town centre. Under the system they clock in at machines on the floors they work on. But they also fill in a separate section on their expenses sheets for 'lift time'.

Those who work on the second floor get two minutes per day - adding up to just over one working day per year - while those on floors three to six get three minutes. Those on floors seven, nine and 12 get four minutes per day.Rochdale Council's head of human resources is proposing that the system should go.Stephen Harper said: 'The allowance was introduced many years ago because poor lift facilities in the municipal offices meant that staff often had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for a lift during the morning and afternoon peak times.

'Workers argued that their clock-in time should be when they arrive at their workplace, rather than at their desk.

'Flexible working and faster, more reliable lifts mean it's no longer as relevant - so as part of our recent pay and grading review, we've proposed that this lift allowance is withdrawn.'

Only some officials believe the allowance is irrelevant. :lol:

I wonder how much the 'Head of Human Resources' is paid to come up with the proposal that perhaps after 20 years, they've been taking the p1ss a little bit too long.

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More greedy b4stards who should have their hands chopped off for acts of theft.

I rekon, most people in the UK should be hung for crimes against society. Anyone in debt, for example, should lose a limb or two as a warning to others. :ph34r:

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to be honest, when I was on flextime in a private sector company, I used to spend half an hour on the loo every day after lunch, so it happens everywhere

Whether or not those lost hours are the same as saying less work done is another matter...

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It can be a bit extreme in the other direction, in the private sector.

I know the mobile phone company that is a bit like a chemical symbol starts shifts for their call centre staff from when they are ready to take calls. Trouble is, it is at least a 5 minute walk from the front entrance, and another 5 minutes to log onto all of the relevant systems. Similarly for logging out, too. so that's a good 20 minutes a day they are effectively "at work" but not getting paid.

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