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near a park, on a corner, every time i pass the board changes. must have been sold 4 times in past 4 months. now for sale board is up again. saw a woman and what looked like her daughter having a speculative inspection outside with agent's particulars in their hand. around the corner there are sold boards. in streets nearer me just for sale boards, but not many.

at the moment there is a shortage of property coming on i think, but it's probably all set to change after the election when IRs probably will soar to 1% :lol: and even that will push some over the edge, such is the close to the edge living and dependence on credit and borrowings. many still dont realise their credit card APR has risen.

at the moment, brown has engineered a fairly soft landing for property, even some hpi in some places, we're basically in his pub and he's bought everybody a feel-good round of drinks (with our own money of course and some he's borrowed from the magical fairyland bank).

sooner or later the big bright fluorescent lights have to come on and the cleaners move in with their mops, clearing the mess and his vomit off the fruit machines

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I sold my flat receintly and be rest assured trying to sell in a falling market is next to impossible this bounce just helped it actually sell

I assume its the HIPs causing the glut in supply with the crap market assuming the prices continue up for a few more months the would be sellers may decide in a rush to invest it this worthless red tape as hopes of selling at a fair price if this happens in numbers and probably will the oversupply in new props for sale will resume the down trend but if interest rates shoot up well priced will fall of a cliff

If you want to sell do it today and sell below fair value it will be snapped up and closed asap in a rising market greed comes in deal done

If you wait and sell it and the market turns down expect this event to happen to you many buyers wont buy if the think it will be a lot cheaper in the future unless you knock a massive chunk off

not often you get a second chance the manipulation of the markets with unpresidented money printing low interest rates wont last forever use it to your advantage now is a great time to sell the next opps like this may be a generation away thats my view anyway

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