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"alastair Campbell 'does' God More Than You'd Think,

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Alastair Campbell 'does' God more than you'd think, Tony Blair confesses

Tim Walker

Published: 10:40AM BST 01 Sep 2009

"Alastair is actually more into – well, I shouldn't say this – but he's more interested in religious faith than you might think," Blair said when he talked to an audience at Holy Trinity, Brompton.

He said Campbell – who he candidly described as "my famous or infamous press secretary" – had said "we don't do God" when he had heard he had planned, when he was leader of the Opposition, to give an interview about his Christianity to a newspaper journalist. "Alastair said to me: 'If you do an interview about your Christianity, they will get you to say, 'You can't be a proper Christian unless you vote Labour,' and I said, 'no, no, I will take care of that.'"


Blair recalled that the interview that ensued was headlined "Vote Labour, Blair tells Christians," and Campbell said to him afterwards: "Maybe next time, you'll listen."

Blair's faith appears to have been a source of anguish to him during his time in office. Last Christmas, he told the journalist Martin Popplewell: "Maybe I became too sensitive or too cautious, but I came to the conclusion that if I started talking about religion, it was going to be difficult."

Subsequently, Fr Michael Seed, who helped Blair on the road to Rome, said Blair's faith was a factor in his decision to go to war in Iraq. "It did influence him," said Fr Michael. "There is within Catholicism this belief in a just war. It's a very difficult thing."

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When you find out "The Jesuits"> Catholic > Rome were also behind a major part of the gunpowder plot . . . . . . .

Lovely pic by 'GETTY' too - nothing like 'flagging' your name.

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"Maybe I became too sensitive or too cautious."

Tell that to those tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed for a lie you reckless murdering ****.

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Religion, making people dangerously confident of their rightousness at Prayer Huts near you.

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