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Silvio Broke The Rules Of Open Marriage

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So, the truth of Veronica Lario's marriage to Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, is finally coming out. "I cannot be his babysitter," she writes in her book, Tendenza Veronica, published last week. But the surprise is not that the usually private and silent Veronica is now very publicly complaining about her husband, but more importantly: what took her so long?

For 19 years, Veronica Lario not only tolerated her spouse's wayward behaviour – alleged hair transplants, affairs – but concealed it from the world. Then, in April, she snapped. Her husband was photographed with an 18-year-old model at a party; Veronica thought he was on business in Naples. "It was the latest lie. Better, then, to try to seek a last way to respect myself, better to divorce," Veronica said. "I'm done."

What changed? "He broke the open rules," says Maria Princeton, 51, a businesswoman. "She knew he had an independent private life, knew he had affairs, but what he is doing is dissing her and dissing the kids, and that is out of bounds."

Maria is something of an expert of the etiquette of open marriages – relationships which include an element of authorised extramarital sex – having a very happy home life with George, 51, and their two children, 15 and 20, but also an "amicable arrangement" whereby she has lovers. Her most recent has been on the go for six years.

"I'm a class act in infidelity," she admits. "I was very clear with my husband from the outset that I would do as I saw fit for myself, and it has nothing to do with him – it's not a sign that he is inadequate in any way. I knew exactly what I was getting into marrying him and he's delightful, kind, supportive, a good husband, a wonderful father and a really nice man. I didn't expect him to be all those wonderful things and a sex god."

In fact, she says the curious thing is that her husband doesn't take lovers, even though she wouldn't mind. "He isn't a very sexual person," she explains. They've been "very happily married" now for nearly 25 years.

The origins of the term "open marriage" remain obscure, but Nena O'Neill and George O'Neill publicised the concept in 1972 in their book Open Marriage. Inspired by the anti-institutional Sixties, they saw an open marriage as one in which each partner has room for "personal growth", outside friendships and sex with other partners. It sold more than 1.5 million copies.

Historically, of course, the rich and powerful have always had extramarital affairs – Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, for instance, endured an affair between her husband and one of her best friends for most of her life. The understanding was that a family was first and foremost an economic and a social unit, not an emotional one. Affairs were tolerated; offspring from affairs, most definitely not.

I wonder how much of her tolerance was down to his bank balance and the lifestyle she got to lead?

The other question is I wonder if she could have extra lovers as well of if it was just that he could?

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Silvio is pretty much the coolest 70 something on the face of the Earth. Italy should be proud. I know the miserable metropolitan elite dont like him and his patriotic ways, but most normal Italians see someone normal and human, with normal human faults and vices. Cant be long now till Silvio is gone and Italy is engulfed in the tide of Feminazism and political correctness. :(

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Cant be long now till Silvio is gone and Italy is engulfed in the tide of Feminazism

Oooh yeah....


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