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The Spaniard

The Starchild Skull

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Very interesting.

I was going to pitch in with head-binding that happens in SE Asia to explain the flattened back of the skull but that is only one feature.

The obvious explanation is a genetic mutation, which is what would be suggested to me by the failure to recover nuclear DNA. Invoking an alien father is headline-grabbing but unlikely given the usual requirement that you have to be the same species in order to reproduce.

Whilst I don't buy any of the alien / starchild stuff (because there is a human mother) it is interesting that such an extreme mutation was able to survive and it is deserving of more work.

Edit: undergrad physical anthropology and postgrad archaeology so I have some idea, though I am certainly not a physical anthropology expert.

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I'm not an expert but I'd guess that assuming it's real, it was a human freak of some kind. Maybe a head from a conjoined twin, where the heads were pressed closely together at the back and so couldn't develop properly o something like that.

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Surely it's just a case of the child being left on it's back too much from birth, thus causing the skull to fuse together in a flat shape at the back?

My nephew had a square head at the back for a few months and my Sister was advised to keep him upright more. The little fella is fine now, apart from having me for a daft Uncle.

I've noticed a lot of eastern European men with square heads at the back.

Edit: A quick google suggests this may be due a condition known as Positional Plagiocephaly.

or Craniosynostosis

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Didnt someone bring up a thread on this ages ago and we all agreed it was an Alien-Human Hybrid. If youve ever seen the film taken and the scene in Hyder Alaska its probably something like that. For all we know this could have been a 'prototype' hybrid, and newer models are 100% replicants of humans. Think Albert Einstein, Davinci, Stephen Hawking etc.

edit: i should say the mini series 'taken'

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