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Dont Worry About Swine Flu

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connect the dots


It's not swine-flu Americans should be worried about. It's swine-at-the-trough flu, a much more lethal condition.


1. Infiltration of the body politic by activists and unknown agents.

2. Extremism about rising temperatures, feverish statements, and predictions bordering on the delusional.

3. Monopolistic conditions requiring constant monitoring.

4. Frequent and massive collapses needing bailing out and mopping up by supervisors.

5. Ongoing influenz(a)-peddling, symptomatic lobbying, and borderline-racketeering disorder.

6. Reliance on questionable and intrusive foreign bodies.


Moderate-Severe Pandemonium


Cases of pandemonium often tend to be stirred up by government hacks, corporate flacks, and welfare kings interacting with the media, causing acute inflammation in the population. This one is no different.

Note: One of Obama's chief flu-viators, the director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Andrew Besser, left to become a correspondent for ABC this past July.


The team that wants to vaccinate tens of millions of people, with vaccines not yet tested for safety, for a plague that even the government admits is unpredictable consists of the following:

1. An environmental and population alarmist with a forty-year track-record of making apocalyptic predictions that are flat-out wrong. A guy who's spent his whole life convinced that there are too many people, that people are destroying the universe, and that we should actively reduce the number of people on the planet.

2. Another guy who's creating genetic ID's for people prone to disease – a genetic profiler whose work would be invaluable to health insurance companies and to government surveillance.

An aside: What if they come up with a gene for right-wing attitudes?

3. A third guy who doesn't like religious values in public policy and works with ideological and activist "science" groups, one of which is affiliated with bio-weapons. A lobbyist for the science-industrial complex.

4. One of the top five miscreants of the global economic collapse, a big-time Wall Street player responsible for using the government, first, to consolidate the mega-banks; then, to bail those banks out when they blundered; and finally, to eviscerate less powerful banks. An insider with ties to the insurance industry.

5. Another Wall Street and government player with a track record of consolidating big pharmaceutical companies, several of which will directly profit from the swine-flu scare. Also an insider with ties to the insurance industry.


In the scheme of things, swine-flu is no more than a one-off bonanza for the drug companies.

Far more lucrative over the long-haul is the continuing and increasing use of vaccines of all kinds, especially vaccines subsidized and pushed by the government.

Example: In January 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services awarded a $487 Million contract to Novartis to make avian flu vaccine. Novartis is one of five companies (along with GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi) that are making both seasonal and swine-flu vaccines for the government.


Just as the avian flu scare ended up being a dry-run for the current round of medical hysteria, the current panic will likely be most significant as a dry-run for an expansion of the police state and for greater consolidation of the big banks, big insurance, and big pharma. In fact, that's just what Homeland Security adviser Brennan said in remarks to the very influential Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on August 6, 2009.


"Our coordinated response to the H1N1 virus – across the federal government, with state and local governments, and with the private sector and the public – and our extensive preparations for the coming flu season will ensure that we are better prepared for any future bio-terrorist attack."

Health care, anyone?


Turn off the TV, stay out of crowds, wash your hands often, drink plenty of water, and if you do feel sick, check out Dr. Grattan Woodson's website.

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