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broke grad

Looking To Buy But Sooo Confused

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Hi all, I'm a noob on here so please go easy on me and apologies if this is in the wrong area (and sorry for the length as well)

My situation is that I am currently renting a really crappy piece of property from the local HA with neighbours from hell on both sides of me (drug taking, parties all through the night, screaming kids etc etc). I've been offered a new secure(ish) job elsewhere and am looking to move closer to where I will be working.

My monthly net pay will be about £1000, of which about £600 - £700 will be disposable (after car, student loan etc). I don't have any savings or collateral. I live with my partner whose current gross pay per annum is about £20,000, but whose credit rating has been trashed thanks to her bank.

I'm looking to get a small detached, semi detached or end terrace property, but am having trouble.

I can't get a mortgage because I have no deposit (and also due to partners credit rating), even though we could easily afford the mortgage repayments (which is about the same what we are paying in rent now), which is really annoying.

I've tried to get info on shared ownership, but it's proving difficult to get clear, detailed information. From what I have seen so far, it seems far more expensive to enter into shared ownership than it does to buy outright. One example I come across stated that a disposable annual income of £15000 was required - more than what would be needed for a mortgage. I thought the point was that these properties were only for people who could not afford their own property?

I've looked at renting, but for the money I may as well buy a property.

As for social housing, I've been told we would only be given a flat - something neither of us wants due to what we are going through at the moment.

Am I missing something or has it been made as difficult as possible for people to buy a property? I'm not looking for investment, just somewhere to live in some peace.

Can you get mortgages or some kind of buying option which is based solely on how much you can show you can repay each month?

Sorry if it all sounds daft, but I'm clueless when it comes to things like this.

Any help, pointers or suggestions appreciated

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Guest KingCharles1st

Maybe you could post this up on every website and newspaper forum in the country-

What a situation to be in.

Hopefully for you both, every cloud has a silver lining.

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