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What To Do?

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I'm one of those people that lots of people on here seem to hate - I work for the public sector (local council)

I also have what most people would call a 'non-job'. Despite what my managers try to tell me what I do has very little effect on front-line services or the people in my council area. I also do actually very little work, as do most people in my office. Im paid an average wage.

Before you start with the insults, its not something I'm proud of. Ive been there 2 years, and my job bores the hell out of me. I feel like my life is passing me by. Each day is full of tedium and pointlessness, and drags on like you wouldnt believe. Not only that, but the feeling that I'm throwing away taxpayers money while I do nothing is something that weighs heavily on me. My motivation to get out of bed each day is slowly ebbing away (as is my life). If we were in better times I would be out in a flash..

But what do I do?

We are in the middle of a recession. There are no jobs about. My job is secure (at the moment), and pays the bills. My background is IT, but its not what I've been doing for the last 2 years (i thought it was going to be when I applied, but turns out its basic Excel work!), so have lost a lot of skills/experience. I'm also aware most of the IT market has gone to india or wherever.

I have about £200 a month spare which I would like to invest in some sort of retraining, so that I can get the hell out of there before I either die of boredom, or someone finds out the truth about what I (don't) do on a daily basis and gets rid of me.

But what? Theres no IT trade anymore..I would like a total change but honestly can't think of anything that is doing or will do well in the future.. I am interested in electronics/electrical stuff, and have a bit of interest in architecture/building. I like being outdoors but can't see any earnings potential there. I need (or would like) to earn the same or more than I am now, but would consider a slight decrease.

Any ideas? or am I doomed to a life of public sector tedium until I get made redundant to waste away on the dole?

Friends and family would think I was mad to leave my 'cushy public sector life' and 'gold plated pension', but you seriously can't understand how spirit crushing it is doing it for 8 hours a day..




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Your timing stinks... it's really tough out there. Stick it out, and put that 200 a month away for a (coming very soon) rainy day.

Best advice,

anything you are planning on doing in the wonderful world out there, you can build prior or in conjunction with being employed.

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property developer.

Coz property only ever goes up.

And you need no money, expertise or anything much to become a pwoperty miwionayer. Innit?

Go on one of those property investment seminar things, they'll tell you what to do.

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My idea:

Spend some of your money on a college course to qualify as a tree surgeon. That gets you outdoors and you can probably find a job within the council that will be more satisfying in the short term.

Longer term you can go private or start your own business, once the real economy starts to recover.

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