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How Are You All Feeling About The Recovereh?

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Completely ignoring it and preparing for the next leg down - i havent had a new tender for four weeks, its very very quite - jobs that were secured are on hold, three of them - its grim

All i have to do is look at the graph below, which is about six months out - which gives the next leg down starting in september;



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Im still reeling from the current recovery...the next one is really gonna hurt.

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This is what Peter Schiff said 3 years ago in his book "Crash Proof - How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse".

If you're wondering why you keep reading and hearing that the economy is just fine, don't think that you're hallucinating or that I am. Modern politics is premised on high expectations of American consumers, and the government has mastered the art of making bad economic news look like good economic news, thereby keeping the public happy and the politicans in office.
Government officials - aided by an accommodative Federal Reserve empowered to create credit - manipulate economic data routinely to simultaneously maintain the domestic consumer confidence and foreign lender confidence required to keep the party going. But with every bit of time they buy, the basic problems worsen.

Peter Schiff's new updated "Crash Proof 2.0" is out at the end of next month.


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I am concerned by the lack of thought for the consequences of this temporal recovery amoungst the general public

Only double A, but I'm thinking triple x.

He he, good song

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I'm actually beginning to like the recovereh!

Over the past 6 months we've started to see houses going on the market at well below 2007 peak prices. Although many are still looking at top dollar, they simply aren't selling. Newer listings (not that many according to BSPC) are more sanely priced.

Keep recoverehing as far as I'm concerned ;)

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I feel "five by five" as they say in Hollywood movie military situations. snip

I expect some chop on re-entry muthafracker

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