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Govt Mandated Impartiality On Tv

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Obviously many of you are familiar with FOX news and CBS news, which according to wikipedia are the two networks americans find to be most biased, CBS the most so after 'memogate'. Im not sure what the broadcasting regulations are there, but i highly doubt either would get a license here.

Personally i think bias in TV is GOOD. There can be no true impartiality so long as human are producing, editing and anchoring news stories. We all know with the printed press the Telegraph writes from a conservative standpoint, the Guardian from a leftist one. People choose one or more papers and come to their own conclusions. I find it very offensive that sucessive governments are unable to extend the same freedom of the press to Television media, denying me the right to a whole spectrum of opinion.

Obviously you get the Bill o'reilly types who do their best to reduce current affairs to a Jerry Springer shouting contest type scenario, and i find it unfortunate that FOX as the only clearly right wing broadcaster has gone for such a dumbed down tabloidy setup, although IIRC it has paid off in ratings. HOWEVER, i am quite frankly seething with ENVY at the range of issues that seem to be discussed on ALL US news networks, things that simply dont get a look in here. I dont know if people would be more informed, but i think at least they would take an interest in current affairs if more freedom was awarded to TV news.

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Oh yeah, and dont think for a minute the GOVT wont try and close down the INTERNET on the grounds of IMPARTIALITY. Ive already completed (govt funded) surveys over at YOUGOV with questions about extending the TV LICENSE FEE in order to PROTECT me and CHILDREN from questionable content. Its a slippery slope guys.

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