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Lockerbie Bombing: Victim's Father To Sue Scottish Prosecution Service

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Lockerbie bombing: Victims father to sue

Holy molly he must have seen the investigative documentary The Maltese Double Cross

I'll warn you now, the documentary is long so it is best to download it instead of streaming it. Visual quality is not at all good, but it gets better further in. Besides its what said that is important, you will have to concentrate, but its worth the time spent listening, unless of course you are a lobotomised American who thinks they nailed the right guy......the CIA [drugs are us] could have no hand in the killing of Americans on Pan Am flight 103. The mountain rescue dog handler in the doc from North Yorkshire, well a plumber friend of his, also a friend of mine, told me of his involvement, and being caught in the sights of a sniper rifle poking out of a helicopter over the crash site, those CIA guys get every where.

More conspiracy investigations can be found here The Dossier


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CIA conspiracy stuff doesn't interest me, but is it certain now that the conviction was a stitch up?

Considering there is more evidence to support the CIA "controlled drugs route" than there was evidence that convicted Megrahi. A rogue CIA conspiracy which enabled couriers with suitcases full of drugs to be escorted by police officers through airport customs in both German and the UK airports.

Whilst I accept Iran most likely hired a group to down a US airliner in a revenge attack for the Iranian airliner downed by the USS Vincennes. The evidence in the documentary given by people who had connections to the murky world of the CIA, would suggest it enabled said group to facilitate the swapping of one of those suitcases full of drugs for the one with a bomb in it.

That said nothing is clear nor would I expect it to be when the services tasked with our safety in three countries, Germany, UK and the USA colluded to cover up their involvement. You cannot convict in a court of law without evidence, but the flaw in the plan of law courts is if the agencies tasked with finding such evidence hide or supply false evidence.

It is touched on in the documentary that the CIA possibly knew of the suitcase switch and let it go to enable the killing of two US Justice Department investigators returning to Washington to blow the lid of the rogue CIA drugs for arms conspiracy.

By lines to this case also include, the Iran-Contra affair, Oliver North was a National Security Council member involved in the clandestine sale of weapons to Iran, which served to encourage the release of U.S. hostages from Lebanon. North formulated the second part of the plan: diverting proceeds from the arms sales to support the Contra rebel group in Nicaragua.

The CIA "controlled drugs route" that flood the streets of the US with CIA sponsored drugs, was said to be the cash cow that bought those arms, after Congress withdraw financial funding of the Contra Rebels. North then saw the syphoning off of some of the CIA drugs money as a way to keep the Contra rebel attacks against the population supported government of Nicaragua, funded.

Given all that, when the US government realised that Lockerbie was the key to exposing a rogue CIA operation that facilitated the drugs for arms to Iran sales. That was complicit in the killing of US citizens, by facilitating the placing of a bomb on a US airliner by a group working for the Iranian regime, a regime the CIA was supplying with weapons. Never mind the fact the CIA was responsible for putting drugs on the streets of the USA. It was decided along with it's client state the UK to "fit up" another Oswald.

Edit for spelling...thanks to hedgefunded

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Dr Swire, obviously has twigged onto the fact that Meghari being released on compassionate grounds, and the subsequent dropping of his appeal means the truth surrounding the murder of his daughter will be buried for ever.

Funny how on the 16th August, the BBC news website can host news generated on the 14th August surrounding the Meghari case in the Scotland targeted news section. But omits any reference to Dr Squires intention dated 15th August to sue the Scottish Prosecution Services. Yet deems coverage of Plans to snip back "hedge rage" as being news worthy.....anybody who still denies we live in a news managed society must surely live in La La land.

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