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How To Get An Extra 2.7% From Ing

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well, fed up with INGs lousy rate for existing savers, moved a chunk to Lloyds Incentive Saver (3%, thx to hpc forum for making me aware of this offer).

Then I got this in my inbox:

"Could something extra on your savings come in handy?.7% GROSS P.A. FIXED BONUS RATE ON YOUR SAVINGS. THAT SHOULD COME IN HANDY.

Dear xxx

Wouldn't it feel good if you were able to give your savings a boost with a fixed bonus rate on top of your existing rate? Wouldn't it feel better if you were able to choose when it started?

Now you can give your ING Direct Savings Account an extra 2.7% gross p.a. fixed bonus for 6 months, on top of your current standard variable rate of 0.5% gross p.a., whenever you choose. So with the added bonus, you'll get a total of 3.25% equivalent AER* variable (3.2% gross p.a.) for 6 months.

There's no limit on any additional money you pay in (up to your maximum account limit), so the more you deposit, the more you'll earn. And any existing funds in your account will also earn the fixed bonus rate. Plus you can still access your money whenever you want without any penalties. All you need to do is activate your bonus rate when you choose between now and 31 December 2009.


When you want to activate your bonus rate you must log into your account at INGDIRECT.CO.UK and follow the instructions on the account summary page or call us on xxxxxx.


Well, I did call, and now its 2.7% extra. P1sses me off, though, why can't they just treat us fairly? Grrr

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I kept an account open with ING with a few pence in it once the IR went to 0.5%. Existing customers screwed, new customers getting 3% etc.

There was a 2.5 % bonus offer for existing customers on money deposited for the last 2 weeks in July that applies till October, i.e. 3% p.a. but for 3 months. Hm.

Not heard anything about this one yet.

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Hmm, I've got a relatively decent rate with ING, but it's a twelve-month thing (and is about halfway through).

Since it expires a couple of months before the end of the tax year, I expect to put most of it into tax-saving investments so as to claim my rebate in May.

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I've gone for safety rather than high interest. ING now £8.32. Cash for house in NR mainly with max £50K in other banks/BS where this is guaranteed.

Did you see the bit yesterday about building societies wanting to Europe to ban the NR guarantee or make them pay a charge for it? (That charge would be paid for by lower interest for us)

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