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Paranoid, Suspicion, Obsessive Surveillance

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Is it really that bad? And does the following exist now or is it just a proposal?

"Additionally, the e-Borders scheme, which will take 53 pieces of personal information from anyone travelling abroad - including phone and credit card numbers, details of an onward journey and history of cancelled journeys - will cost over £1.2 billion."


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It might come from the Daily Fail, but that alone doesnt mean it aint true.

No, but it will be spun to give an anti-Labour anti-foreigner bias so far from reality to make the reading of the article pointless (generally speaking anyway - not sure if they do that with the weather forecast :D)

The US requires all manner of data on people visiting it - credit card stuff and so on. Once given you have no control over where that data goes. The US is paranoid and doesn't really like Europeans much (liberals all of us no doubt)

There is no data collection here in Europe.

Don't go to the US - simple.

Do I really need to read the article or have I got it?

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If you read the aricle carefully it is being sensationalist and dishonest. It cites a variety of diverse issues and incidents and strings them all together into a sort of anti-government rant.

If you don't like it, don't read the Daily Mail. But whatever you do, don't take it seriously.

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